I Want to Share my Upcoming Book with You When it is Published “For Free.”

Managers have a huge job to do, but you already know that.  I can make the managerial job so much easier for you.

I will invite you to attend a series of 6 free broadcasts of the key components of my book called “The People Manager,” Effective Strategies for Those Who Manage People.  

  • Learn the 8 Key capabilities of active managers
  • Find out how to set up an accountability environment
  • Use pre-made checklists for tough conversations.
  • Learn how to get your employees to problem solve
  • Create an engaged, successful team.

All this and more is yours for FREE! Sign Up Above for practical information on increasing your managerial game.

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Judy is a highly successful, experienced leadership and life coach. She uses a transformational approach to personal and corporate learning. Judy’s clients rave at her straightforward approach to issues, while being supportive and creatively encouraging.

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