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This morning you woke up full of dread. Another day another buck, right?  Before you get that paycheck, you must regain control of yourself and the dozens of things you must do without having any time.  Your staff are needy; your bosses are demanding, and you wedged tightly in this rock and hard place called […]

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Mindfulness in Business

Mindfulness in Aging

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.“ Ralph Waldo Emerson Unless you’ve been under a rock lately you have been seeing a massive influx of positive thinking, visuals of encouragement, and downright happy thoughts posted in front of you on Facebook, twitter, […]

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Goal Hacking- Try It You’ll Like It.

This blog is for all people who  set goals, only to let them fall by the wayside within a very short period. Of course, you know that this part only makes you feel unhappy, unmotivated, and  like a downright  failure. There are a number of reasons why you aren’t able to reach your goals and […]

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Reset Your Mindset and Turn On Success

I have been in the mindset business of coaching & personal change  for more years than I think I am comfortable sharing. I still love it and I enjoy working in this exciting field every day. I am sure I can hear a collective groan from all you managers that think about staff issues you […]

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