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My name is Judy Mackenzie, and I am the owner of TEVO Coaching & Consulting.

Let me tell you a few things about me.

I started out my career as a brief solution focus therapist, working with families and individuals.  This was coaching before the term went viral.

I learned a great deal about people in crisis and what motivates people to change in this 12-year stint. I worked very hard to innovate my offering and became one of the first art therapists to work with children in Ontario.

I always knew I had to offer something different to make my professional mark with clients who had needs that were unmet.
I took my broad experience in understanding how to read and engage people  and transitioned into human resources roles. I worked in Executive Search, and this is where I developed my interest in hiring the right people for the right job.  This was the early stages of creating systems to select staff effectively, both from a cost and time perspective.  I created new and innovative ways of both recruiting and selecting that had not been done before. I put a new twist of behavioural interviewing into the mix and also started working in leadership development both from an academic (MBA) and a practical hands-on approach.
My progressive experiences and successes helped me to get into larger organizations, where my strong desire to “make a difference” fueled my passion for leadership development and employee engagement strategies. That is where the biggest impact is in my opinion

I searched out the best leadership system I could find and adapted it to many environments successfully.
I am the author of  “Women Rock the Business World – A Planning Guide for Small Business”, available from Amazon. Check it out on Amazon
I spent over ten years in executive roles with high tech companies, both of which received several awards for programs I was directly involved with.
I opted to leave the corporate environment to focus solely on coaching, leadership development and selection strategy programs. It is so rewarding to work in areas that you love and inspire you every day. That is where I am now.
My underlying philosophy of leadership is to create an environment where your employees want to do a good job while encouraging them to think for themselves without fear or reprisal.
My philosophy of selection is to get the right people in the door the first time. No more bad hires to weaken your workforce and your bank account.
My philosophy of coaching is, you have the answers within you, and they need help being exposed. I am a big asker of questions and an even better listener.

To get in contact with me, please email at judy@tevoconsulting.com, and I will be happy to help you in any way I can.

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